Hoses and Hose Reels

High Pressure Hoses

Industrially rated and fitted with 3/8male x 3/8female and joint protectors. Other connectors available on request.
Single wire max. 210 bar,
150 degrees C
Twin wire max. 400 bar,
150 degrees C.

Sizes available and part number 

  Single Wire Twin Wire
Black Hose
10 Metres 205.10M1W 205.10M2W
15 Meters 205.15M1W 205.15M2W
20 Meters 205.20M1W 205.20M2W
30 Meters N/A 205.30M2W
50 Meters N/A 205.50M2W
Blue (non-staining) Hose
10 Meters 205.10M1WBLUE 205.10M2WBLUE
20 Meters 205.20M1WBLUE 205.20M2WBLUE

Low Pressure Hose

These Hoses are sold per meter.

Hoses rated at 20bar. 

Sizes available and part number

Hose size Part Number
1/2" 210.12HOSE
5/8" 210.58HOSE
3/4" 210.34HOSE
1" 210.100HOSE

Hose Reels

Zinc electro plated reel maximum capacity 50m high pressure hose or 100 m drain jetting hose.

This reel can be mounted on your machine (depending on your machine)or wall.

This reel is also available mounted on a trolley.


Retractable hosereel 20m capacity.

Available in either Stainless Steel or Painted.

Stainless Steel hose hanger