Sludge Pump

This flow amplifying attachment is magic to see in use. With no moving parts at all, the sludge pump will pump clean water, black water, plus any solids in suspension all by means of a pressure washer nozzle. The sludge pump is fitted via a quick coupling to the end of a high pressure hose and dropped into the liquid to be moved. In the head of the sludge pump is a ‘U’ bend with a nozzle facing up the green hose. When your pressure washer is switched on and the nozzle jets up the green hose it causes low pressure in the cone head and the liquid to be moved is drawn in (along with anything else that’ll fit up the hose!).
This attachment works on all pressure washers but is more effective the bigger you go. On a 12l/min @ 100 bar machine e.g. TSX12-100, the flow is amplified to approx 150l/min. On a 16l/min @ 200 bar machine e.g. P.T.O. pressure washer running @ 540 r.p.m., the flow is amplified to approx 300l/min. The Sludge pump will push water up to a maximum head of about 2.5m. Ideal for pumping out of a flooded cellar or to empty a pit when drain jetting.