Multi Award Winning Machine

Royal Highland Technical Innovation Gold Award 

Royal Highland Technical Innovation Silver Award

Great Yorkshire White Rose "What's Next" Award

Hot Water P.T.O. Pressure Washer

Operating at up to 3000p.s.i. / 200bar with a throughput of up to 30 litres of water per minute this P.T.O. power washer has the added benefit of a 12v burner system which will heat the water up to 90oC. This development of our ever popular P.T.O. range makes an awesome cleaning machine.

It can be set up to run either one or two lances and can also be used for drain jetting. Using hot water for drain jetting makes the jetter much more efficient wherever there is a build up of grease in the pipes. Different hose lengths, hose reels, lances etc are supplied to customers individual requirements.

Designed to run on either the front or rear linkage and deriving all its power from the tractor,  requiring only a supply of water and fuel it can be used in most situations that demand heavy cleaning.

Ideally suited for use in the agricultural, industrial, construction and utilities sectors.